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Male sexual health is important on any stage of men’s lives. That’s why when something goes wrong with it they are looking for the remedy that can fix the problem and bring it back. An erectile dysfunction is one of the most unpleasant problems that can appear due to age or other factors and change a man’s life for the worse. However, Viagra can be a solution to that issue.

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Last Updated: July 2020

What is viagra?

First of all, let’s see what Viagra actually is. Viagra is known as a medication to cure erectile dysfunction. It can really help if you experience the problems in sexual performance, but remember that the remedy doesn’t work itself. It is an important note that the action of generic Viagra also requires sexual stimulation. It is the main condition for the pills to work.

Viagra is usually a prescription medication, however, it is possible to get it over the counter. There are the websites that offer this product, and no prescription is needed there. Besides, we highly recommend having a consultation with a doctor before you go for any medications.
How does viagra work?

How does viagra work?

As any chemical remedy, Viagra has its algorithm of work. If you know it, it’s easier for you to know your own body better. So, Viagra consists of the components that increase the blood flows to the penis. It opens your vessels and widens them so more blood can go through them. Viagra also reflects your muscles helping it to get strong. As a result, you can get and keep your erection.

Viagra has to be supported with the natural processes in the male body. Hence, you will have to get sexual stimulation for the remedy to work. A single pill can’t affect your body that much, so you have to make it work in a complex.

How long does it take for generic viagra to work?

As a rule, the pills start to work within 30-60 minutes. For everybody, it will be unique as the organisms are different, and they react on the medications differently too. You should take viagra before your sexual intercourse.

How long does the effect last?

Again, the result will be different for each man who takes Viagra, in accordance with their special physical features. Usually, the erection caused by this medication lasts for 2 or 3 hours.

What is the necessary dosage of viagra?

The most common dosage is 50 mg. You can read the instruction that does with the pills, but 50 mg is an average amount of remedy that a regular man needs to get the erection. If you see that it doesn’t work for you, you can increase the dosage up to 100 mg. It is recommended to do it only after you talk to your doctor or health care provider.

Viagra vs Cialis: what is better?

Cialis is another remedy that is known for fixing the erectile dysfunction problem. Both of the medications work in the same way, although they are based on different ingredients. You can have a consultation with your doctor and see what they recommend you.

Viagra and Cialis are equally effective. According to the statistics, 60-70% of men who took these remedies got their erectile dysfunction cured. However, Viagra is more widespread, and you can buy viagra online. Getting viagra over the counter is also not a big deal on the Internet.
What is viagra?

What is an erectile dysfunction?

To have a more decent image of , let’s figure out the definition of an erectile dysfunction. It is a problem that occurs when a man doesn’t get enough blood flow into his penis and, therefore, can’t get and/or keep an erection. It is a part of sexual health problems, and although it is not pleasant at all, it is not rare. Did you know that 30 million men in the United States suffer from an erectile dysfunction?

If you notice the symptoms of erectile dysfunction, don’t postpone the visit to your doctor. The symptoms can be:

  • low sexual desire;
  • the problem with getting an erection;
  • the problem with keeping an erection;
  • low testosterone level;
  • premature ejaculation.

What causes an erectile dysfunction?

Every man has his own reason for facing the problems in male health. Some of those reasons come naturally, for example, the age. Other ones are a result of a stress to the organism. Usually, we can divide the factors that cause an erectile dysfunction into two main categories:

  • physical reasons;
  • psychological reasons.

Physical factors

There are 6 main factors that can affect your sexual abilities physically. Here we name all of them so you can see what may cause you to take Viagra later.

1. A disease

The illnesses always have a reflection on the whole body, no matter if we notice that or not. Any aggressive bacteria that get inside of our bodies can leave the unhealthy consequences like an erectile dysfunction.

Diabetes, cardiovascular disease, hypertension – it all can be a harm to your male health. Always speak to your doctor when you discover the worrying symptoms.

2. Obesity

Being overweight is not only a problem itself; it makes a lot of organs in your body work wrong. Hence, if your weight is too big, it gets hard for the blood flows to go as they are supposed to. As a result, you can’t have a proper erection.

3. An injury

This can both be a technical injury or the penis that you got yourself accidentally, or a damage from surgery – anyway, it affects the ability of your blood vessels and muscles in your penis to work correctly. A problem like this requires a careful examination by a professional, so in this case, you have to see a doctor without any doubts. Perhaps, Viagra will not be enough here and you will need extra treatment.

4. Medications side effects

Remember to be careful with the drugs you take. Always follow the instructions and don’t mix the remedies that don’t go well with each other. It can not only have unpleasant side effects but simply be dangerous for your health.

5. Age changes

You know that a body can’t function in the same way for the whole life. That’s one of the main reasons why an erectile dysfunction occurs. Most of the men start experiencing thing in their forties. It is natural, but if you want a cure for it, Viagra can help.

6. Smoking and drinking habits

If you smoke too much or drink too much alcohol, it can affect not only your breath or brain but your male health too. Again, the bad habits have an impact on the blood flows, so no wonder they work worse with the poisons that the nicotine and alcohol bring to the body.
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Psychological factors

Psychological reasons are sometimes underestimated, however, they are equally serious and can really cause an erectile dysfunction. Here are the most widespread factors that provoke male health problems.


When something or somebody constantly gets on your nerves, you feel the decrease in your physical strength. Your body reacts as well as your heart, and so it can show it in various ways. some of them is a male health problem. It can be hard to get an erection if you feel constantly exhausted because of the nerves.


Although it is proved to be a chemical problem in your brain, depression is still considered a psychological problem. When there is nothing to bring you joy, it is hard to get the sex drive or keep an erection. When one suffers from the low spirits for a long time, doesn’t develop any interests or ignore the things that used to make them happy, and even dislikes sex, it is the reason to see a doctor.

Are there any side effects from viagra?

Side effects are possible while taking any medication, and viagra is not an exception. If you don’t follow the instruction. overdose or mix it with other remedies, you may develop the following:

  1. vision changes or full vision loss for a short time;
  2. heart attack symptoms;
  3. a painful erection;
  4. an erection that lasts for over 4 hours.

In each of these cases, it is very important to contact the doctors and ask for medical help immediately.

However, taking Viagra as it is said in the instructions is safe. Moreover, this remedy suits the majority of men, so the chances to have some bad implications are very low. If you take the pills correctly, they will work best for you and fix the problem of an erectile dysfunction.

What results can you reach with viagra?

Thanks to this medication it is possible to get a stronger and longer erection, improve your sexual performance and satisfy women better. Viagra fully fights the problem of an erectile dysfunction and makes sexual intercourse as pleasant as it was before, despite the age and other matters.

Remember to take the remedy only when you need it, and not on the regular basis. It will make its effect more significant.

Can you buy viagra online?

Sure, Viagra is available on many different platforms. You can order your Viagra over the counter on viagraonline.biz.

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